According to Google, an expectation is

a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.

We set resolutions in a new year hoping that our behavior will change in accordance with them. Whether it’s fitness goals or exploring new hobbies, inconsistencies after the ‘honeymoon’ phase will revert people’s behaviors back to what is comfortable.

Consequently, I learned that if I wanted to grow, I have to be stricter on myself.

Some current goals expectations placed for 2021:

  • Learn how to create interactive dashboards through Shiny (R*) or Bokeh (Python), and learn which KPI’s are important to convey to certain stakeholders (such as: focusing on sales, margins, volumes and conversions – or the performance of a products in different regions). Dashboards can also provide fun infographs, i.e: Charlie Thompson’s Sentify, which uses RShiny to create interactive dashboards using Spotify’s valence and energy metadata.

    Online Book for Mastering Shiny

  • Re-learn statistical, ML, and AI theory for interviews. Some online textbooks that I will continue to link as I find more resources: forecasting, etc.

  • Learn Docker containerization and its relation to deployment, AWS services like Redshift, Azure, or GCP.

  • Learn and deploy a personal project through StreamLit.

  • Become a full-stack python developer, namely to learn web development and then learn how to deploy web applications to present models I built through projects.

  • Be employed as a data analyst, and continue to grow in my free time to transition into a career as a data scientist.

2020 was rather interesting… so let’s see what this year brings us.